August 29, 2016


I have been writing professionally in the country side marker for many years, see below for a selection of my published freelance writing. I typically write and supply my own images, I shoot, fish and stalk deer, and throughout the year I attend Scotland’s game fairs; Deer Stalking Fair, Scottish Game Fair, Moy Field Sports Fair and Galloway Country Fair.























Scottish Gamekeepers Association long-running magazine column, Magazine feature about David McMath the Scottish Olympic gold trap shooter, another two long running column for Farming Scotland Magazine and my Country Woman feature.
















My recent Scottish Country Life column, and Country Woman feature for Farming Scotland Magazine:

The Scottish Field, November 2017.








September 2017: My country sports feature in the Scottish Farmer Country Lifestyle Magazine – Stalking my first Roe Buck.






September 2017: My ‘Country woman’ feature and Country Life column.

August 2017: A recent publication of Shooting Scotland Magazine, on sale and featuring a number of my articles.


Part 2 of my dawn Roe Buck stalk in the Abercairny Estate in Perthshire with Venator’s Kenneth Larson. Part 2 – Click here to read the article. 

Read about my journey into deer stalking when I put down my camera and pick up at .243 to stalk a Roe buck. Part 1 –  Click here to read the article.

Pick up the current copy of Farming Scotland Magazine and read my Scottish Country Life column and about Country Woman Emma Perrott.

July 2017: My regular column for the Scottish Gamekeepers Association


I’m enjoying writing for the European ‘’ they are expanding, and have built a new English language platform.

Read my article about shooting Grouse over Pointers in the Scottish Highlands.


Scottish Farmer’s Country Lifestyle Magazine, June 2017 edition with my countryside feature about Simon Barnes, bespoke rod maker.


My recent Scottish Country Life Column and Country Woman feature for the May 2017 issue of Farming Scotland Magazine.

My images from the opening of the salmon fishing season 2017 on the Tay at Meikleour, the Teith at Callander and Clyde at the Popinjay.

Winter 2016/2017 and Spring 2017 columns for the Scottish Gamekeepers Association.












My recent article on The United Clyde Angling Protective Association Ltd, celebrating 130 years of history of fishing on the Clyde.

The March issue of Farming Scotland Magazine with my ‘Scottish Country Life’ and ‘Country Woman’ pages:


My bi-monthly ‘Scottish Country Life’ and ‘Country Woman’ pages in Farming Scotland Magazine:

My quarterly fieldsports feature in Scottish Farmer’s Country Lifestyle Scotland Magazine:


My regular ‘Scottish Country Life’ and ‘Country Woman’ pages in Farming Scotland Magazine.


My usual column from The Scottish Gamekeepers Association Magazine:

SGA Magazine

A recent concise piece for Elm of Burford, regarding the importance of high-quality customer service and Akubra hats for the Magazine ‘Land & Business’.


A recent feature for Country Lifestyle Scotland magazine about my visit to the Raehills estate in the borders for a day of simulated game shooting.

simulated_game_coversimulated_game_1 simulated_game_2


I have written for the countryside and country sports sector since 2010 and have a wide writing and photography repertoire of countryside subjects. Here is a small selection of my magazine features and columns.

I currently write regular country sports features for Scottish Farmer’s Country Lifestyle Magazine, Scottish Countrylife and Country Woman in Farming Scotland Magazine and my ‘Through the lens’ column for the Scottish Gamekeepers Magazine. I also work on a freelance basis with other publications and websites.