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Linda Mellor, 55, is an established writer, and photographer. She is also the author of 2 books (1 nonfiction, 1 fiction). Born in Fife, Linda has lived around the UK and is now based in remote Scotland. In childhood, Linda’s love of the outdoors grew and flourished. She was brought up with gun dogs and horses, and throughout her growing years, all her free-time was spent in the countryside. The Scottish rural landscape was an integral ingredient in Linda’s life. Over the decades, her photography work focussed on the outdoors. Wildlife is her passion. Furthermore, Roe and Red deer are her favourite subjects. Her work is widely published across UK, Europe and the World. Linda writes magazine and web-based content.

Scottish Writer and Photographer Linda Mellor lives in a remote location high in the hills close to the Perthshire/Inverness-shire border. In her spare-time she enjoys deer-stalking, walking, photography, reading, and drawing.


Freelance Writer

As a long-standing freelance copy and feature writer, and magazine columnist, Linda has a wide repertoire of subjects. Additionally, Linda has specialist knowledge of Scottish country sports, countryside, wildlife, rural/remote employment and living. Many will be familiar with Linda’s column ‘Behind the Lens’ for Scottish Gamekeepers Association. Also, her country sports features for Scottish Farmer’s Country Lifestyle Scotland Magazine, her ‘Country life’ column in Farming Scotland Magazine, and Country sports features in Shooting Scotland. Furthermore, Linda has written many web-based series. In additional to UK written content, she undertakes commissions from global hunting sites.

Professional photographer

With more than 20 years behind the camera, Linda Mellor is an experienced photographer. Her early years as a professional photographer began in mainstream local and national news. She moved over to editorial within women’s interest magazines. Private commissions, mostly portraits, always featured in her work. Linda is a specialist photographer of rural life, wildlife and Scottish country sports.

Independent Author

Scottish Writer and photographer Linda Mellor has published one novel, and a non-fiction book. ‘For the Love of Country Sports’ is the first paperback to explore an aspect of the countryside. It is available on Amazon, published on the glorious 12th, 2019. Published independently, For the Love of Country Sports is her dive into non-fiction book authoring. The paperback explores the love of the outdoors and the participation in country sports. It is a positive and uplifting insight into an often controversial topic. The book contains 40, individual, first-hand experiences about outdoor experiences. Each story details the love and respect men and women have for the outdoors and wildlife management.

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