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Buy books written by Linda Mellor. To date Linda Mellor has authored five books, one fiction and four nonfiction. All books are self-published on Amazon, and are available worldwide.

The Confessions and Life Lessons of a Country Sports Photographer by Linda Mellor

Launched on December 16th, 2023, this is her first memoir. Linda Mellor’s journey is a tale of transformation. She ran off to London in her early 20s for a career in head-hunting. She took a leap in her 30s, returning to her beloved countryside as both a photographer and writer. Over two decades, she broke barriers in the once male-dominated world of country sports, becoming a pioneering female photographer and writer in Scotland.
Now settled in the Highlands with her deerstalking partner, Linda’s days are immersed in capturing the Scottish countryside, wildlife, and rural life. Passionate about her craft, she hosts events and talks, and can often be found photographing deer in the hills or sketching in the woods. With three victories over cancer, Linda invites us to join her on a journey of wonder – a journey that reflects resilience, passion, and an enduring love for the Scottish outdoors. You can buy it on Amazon here.

For the Love of Country Sports by Linda Mellor

For the love of Country Sports by Linda Mellor book cover.

Published at the 2023 Scottish Game Fair, the new edition of For the Love of Country Sports explores the deep connection and love of the outdoors through 70+ stories. From fishing to ferreting, deer stalking to game cooking and everything else in-between, the book shares individual stories of how deeply rooted we are to the outdoors and why the countryside is so important to us. The heart-warming tales from the countryside are as authentic as Mother Nature herself and offers some comfort in an ever-changing world. You can buy it here (follow the link) on Amazon.

For the Love of Country Sports by Linda Mellor

Buy Books written by Linda Mellor

2019 edition of For the love of Country Sports looks into individual experiences of outdoors lovers and their involvement in country sports. This book is no longer available.


“This is a primal connection – the open air, the moors, the hills, early sunrises, evenings – the art of hunting.
The 40 writers are very varied and passion and love are used frequently, often introduced by their fathers at a young age. I like the words joy, enthusiasm, connections to the bigger picture, even creativity in life and personal development. The first hand experience is second to none, the challenge of the bad weather, cold, rain, lack of visibility gives these people the very best first hand experience available. The connections can be made at the day’s close. The companionship and stories are always held to be very important. This multi-faceted focus is becoming rarer and rarer in our modern society with it’s substitute virtual reality.
We need to think it through. Life and death are such a part of country sports. Sobering, the different stages of fear/observation/concentration in hunted animals helps us to understand our multi-faceted human nature. Love, hate/cruelty/ kindness/action/patience have to be discovered in our modern world for each of us. Not plausibility but something much more important. Linda Mellor’s book brings these points out effortlessly, and keeps the words of the 40 as clear as she can.”

“What a fantastic book picked it up and couldn’t put it down . The 40 individuals stories had me gripped . What refreshing insight into country sports and life
LOVED IT ..!!!”

“A great read, just can’t put the book down!
Anyone who loves country sports will enjoy this book!
Interesting stories and variety from famous and less famous people from a range of country activities.”


The Onwards and Upwards Girls By Linda Mellor

Buy Books written by Linda Mellor The Onwards and Upwards Girls. Book cover.

Love, life, laughter and murder for four friends in their fifties as they navigate their way through life and dating. Set in 2015, and based in Fife, Scotland, Fiftysomethings, Karen, Annie, Bernie and Faye enjoy a long awaited get-together but it takes a sinister turn when one of them drunkenly confesses to murdering her first husband, and others.

A sudden death and subsequent funeral reveals bitterness and a secret affair. A plane crash denies a chance of love, and one of the girls is arrested. Putting it all behind them, the three girls looked forward to a new start and a night at the Daffodil ball on a country estate in East Lothian. A love interest is still entangled with his estranged wife and the new start the girls had hoped for is blighted by a work-place sacking for sexual harassment and further prosecution, followed by a double dose of shocking news. You can buy it here from Amazon.

Practical tips on how to plan, write and publish a book with no experience or money By Linda Mellor

Buy books written by Linda Mellor Practical tips on how to plan, write and publish a book with no experience, or money.

Practical tips on how to plan, write and publish a book with no experience, or money. This short book shares practical tips on writing your own book. The author writes from her own experience of writing her first fiction book with no experience and a lack of patience and money. Linda Mellor is self taught and has published one fiction and three nonfiction books to date.

You can buy it here from Amazon.