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Linda Mellor Services

Written content or professional photography

Linda Mellor Services Page. Here you will find more information about written content and professional photography. If you are an established business, maybe you are looking for written promotion, themed blog updates, or perhaps you are planning to launch a new business or product? Whatever your objectives are, you will no doubt appreciate the value of professionally written content and imagery for audience engagement and retention.

What content do you need?

Out of date websites with stale content, inadequate information, no blog, stories, or featured articles, and blurry images will shatter any hopes of positive first impressions. Struggling to find ideas about replacing old, tired online or print content? Hoping to introduce a Newsletter? Unsure about your own writing and photographic skills? Would like your rural business to grab attention, attract and keep an audience? If yes, then you will need the services of an experienced writer and photographer

Linda Mellor Services can help you

Over the years, Linda has written dedicated content for websites, newsletters, magazines, advertising, product reviews, marketing and promotional campaigns. Each client requirement is different and content is tailored to their needs. News style updates, specialist features, editorial, blog and advertorial, announcements, regular informed opinions or shared thoughts from a knowledgeable columnist. As an experienced writer and photographer, Linda Mellor provides regular and stand alone content for individual projects and business campaigns. Written content can be illustrated with professional images, or supplied without.

Specialist Countryside Knowledge

Linda specialises in broad countryside content and photography. She has particular knowledge (and actual hands on, working experience) of many aspects of rural life. She writes about the Scottish countryside, rural workers, rural life, red and roe deer, deer management and deer stalking, spending time in the Scottish outdoors and many more related subjects. Click on this link to read more about Linda Mellor’s career and you can read her memoir, published in December 2023.

Since 2004, Linda has enjoyed taking part in public speaking events, live interviews and has spoken about many subjects. Some of the talks have been on social media, photography, rural workers, and Scottish wildlife. Most recently was host and speaker at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair, Listen to the Land event.

If you would like all your written and photographic business content to engage your customers and clients contact Linda here.

Linda Mellor Services GWCT host and speaker in Hive tent, Scottish Game Fair 2022