Nature loves May showers

Nature loves May showers

Nature loves May showers. While much of the population hoped the warm, dry weather marked the arrival of summer, the rain ensured our gardens blossomed into life. There were colours and hues everywhere, from luscious grassy greens, to pockets of purple-ish blue bluebells, our countryside is a feast for the eyes.

May showers bring life

May sunshine and higher temperatures brought the early optimism of summer. Hot afternoons and warm nights were bestowed upon us. A heartfelt blessing in early May is the lack of bugs and flying pests so windows were open inviting in some cool night-time air. However, this week is different, the midge population explodes and inhabits every conceivable space know to human life. Nature loves May showers and the warmth of extended daylight as we glide into June.

Nature loves May Showers

Bluebells sprung to life for their annual display, the sunburst of broom scented the air with its sweet honey-like aroma, and bog cotton weaved back and forth in the breeze high out on the hill. May is the month of summer’s promise, reminding us it’s tantalisingly near.

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