Inspiration for the new year

Inspiration for the new year

After the festive season, many of us seek out Inspiration for the new year ahead. What’s more, if inspiration strikes, then it is an opportunity to take a look at all aspects of life then make a few decisions. What stays, and what needs to go. Out with the old, and in with the new.

New year history

Inspiration for the new year must come from the feeling of finishing off the old year, leaving it in the past. If you have finished off the old year, mentally you are ready from some fresh challenges in the new year. Even the Romans approached the new year with with an eye on new beginnings and endings. January is considered the ‘month of Janus’. January is named after Janus, an important Roman god of new beginnings and transitions. Janus is represented as a double-faced head. The depiction of the double-faced god looks backwards and forwards.

Seek Inspiration?

Do you do anything special to seek out inspiration for the new year ahead? A routine, or a ritual? Everyone has a favourite or maybe you are new to this concept. A simple way of getting started is by getting rid of the old, stale vibes of the previous year. How do you do this? It’s easy to do. Wipe down the front door/most used door of your house with a mild solution of Peppermint oil on a cloth. Returning to the topic of the Romans, Peppermint was valued by the Romans. The oil has cleansing, healing and protection properties therefore very appropriate for the New Year Door cleanse. The end result is a clean, fresh smelling door.

Finding inspiration

There are many ways to be inspired, however, as it is a bigger topic it shall be covered in a different post Tune in later this week for some suggestions.