Book promotion day 2

Book promotion day 2

Book promotion day 2. It’s all about stepping outside my comfort zone. Doing short videos to promote my latest book and answer questions is fun. It is also daunting. Unless you’ve been trained to be in front of the camera or are one of those lucky people who are born presenters, it’s a challenge for the rest of us.

Book promotion challenges

Sometimes the creation of a book is the easier part of the self-publishing puzzle. As soon as it is created you have to start the edit process, and this is multi-layered. The book has to be formatted. Often this needs to be revisited a little further on in the process. After the book is uploaded onto KDP, the contents and the cover are the way I want them I then like to take a break and forget about the book for a while.

Revisit before book promotion commences

I then revisit with a fresh pair of eyes. Once it is published the promotion work starts. I wanted to share a person insight into my book and the only way I could do this is by recording short videos. So here we are, day 2. My book is on sale via Amazon.