Talking about the weather

Talking about the weather

Talking about the weather. We all do it. When you feed animals or live in a rural setting, knowledge of the weather is highly important. Never underestimate the power of winter weather as it can impact on life here in the highlands.

Talking about the weather this week

This week’s weather has been a challenge, our local roads have been tricky as night-time temperatures dropped to -13C and it snowed. Animals needs to be fed and watered, and the wildlife gets taken care of as well. From garden birds, and squirrels to the wild deer, we care enough to support them all through the winter months.

Snow for my birthday

I love January for many reasons, mostly two though – it’s my birthday and the weather. The weather gods smiled. They brought me plenty snow for my birthday so I was able to enjoy an al fresco lunch albeit inside the truck as it was a blizzard.

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