Monday morning welcome light

Monday morning welcome light

Monday morning welcome light. After a weekend of prolonged heavy rain and floods, Scotland braced for more rain overnight. Thankfully, it rained very little and this morning, the air felt drier and local water levels subsided. Looking over towards Glencoe in the distance (featured image), the cloud had broken up and the light shone through. It was like a bright beacon of hope, and it created an uplifting start to Monday.

Welcome morning light to lift

We were lucky, by the looks of things, the only impact the heavy rains made was damage to our hill roads and water in one of the outbuildings. Across Scotland once the flood waters subside there will be a huge clean up. The heavy rains must have misplaced wildlife, thankfully, the local Red Squirrels haven’t stopped visiting and feeding in the garden.

More Monday morning news

Monday morning welcome light shone on Glencoe and interestingly, there is more uplifting news surrounding Glencoe and an important historic discovery. An University of Glasgow Archaeology student made an incredible find of 36 coins hidden in a pot. The coins had been hidden before 1692 in Glencoe:

None of the coins were minted after the 1680s – which has led archaeologists to suggest that they were most likely deposited under the fireplace either just before or during the infamous 1692 massacre for safekeeping.

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