January’s Full Moon

January’s Full Moon

January’s full moon is called the Wolf Moon and is due to reach it’s peak a little after 11pm (UK) today. It has been difficult to see due to the cloud cover but the moon lit up the night’s sky like a gigantic bright bulb when the cloud cleared. Spotted at 5am in the dark sky, it was a huge, low bright orb with a halo – apparently this predicts stormy weather.

January's Full Moon photograph of a full moon on dark sky

The full moon of January is named after the wolf. It was a time of the year when wolves could be heard howling. Previously, people believed the wolves howled. This belief was centred around the harsh winter conditions. People thought this made it difficult for the animals to hunt so they howled in hunger. However, modern day studies of the species discovered they howl for many reasons. Wolves howl because it is a form of pack communication.

The next full moon of 2023

January’s Full Moon is a beautiful sight, go outside, find a dark spot. With no light pollution, the moon will be incredible to see. Spend some time moon gazing: draw, journal or photograph it. You can usually see the full moon for the next 2 or 3 days before it starts to wane. The next full moon comes around in 29.5 days, and we will see it on 5 February at 6.28pm.