self-care is the only resolution

self-care is the only resolution

Self-care is the only resolution you will need. On second thoughts, and in addition to self-care, a healthy dash of inspiration should be added. Each year we hear people making new year resolutions. They want to improve their health, start a fitness campaign, change their eating habits to loose weight, change jobs, write a book and so on. It’s a lot of pressure to change mostly the things that take time, effort and patience.

selfcare is the only resolution you will need. A red deer stag resting in the long grass, looking sleepy.

Season of rest and self-care

The new year starts right in the middle of winter. This season is one of the coldest and darkest in this neck of the woods. The landscape has been stripped away, and there’s only soft muted shades as most of the plant life has retreated. Plants slow down their metabolisms and enter a state of inactivity. Wildlife also adapts to the cooler months of winter. Some species like bats and hedgehogs hibernate, others change their behaviour, and reduce their activity to adapt to the cold and dark.

selfcare is the only resolution, a photograph of a dormant tree in early winter with no leaves in a remote landscape

A focus on self-care

A focus on self-care is my choice for the new year. It is a concept to practice and prioritise throughout the year. No new year resolutions here! Yesterday’s ‘new mission’ statement from PM Rishi Sunak about maths to be made compulsory in English schools for pupils up to the age of18 could be much improved if he made self-care classes mandatory instead. I mentioned this in yesterday’s post. Teaching self-care at school would be transformational for young adults. They would learn to talk about their needs. They would understand why supportive networks are important. Young people would value kindness and the simple things like creative activities and make the right, informed choices ..and so on.

Emergence of self care

Selfcare and its importance has only become a mainstream subject since the pandemic. The pandemic made us stop and look at our lives. Through the restrictions of being made to stay at home, our worlds narrowed and our awareness expanded. It gave us the opportunity to do things differently, and in doing so, it brought up the subject of self care and how valuable it is.

Feed your soul

Take a leaf out of nature’s book (pun intended!), and nurture yourself. Make you a priority, take care of your needs, and make the most of winter. Set aside some time to rest, write, paint, draw, pottery, walk, moon gaze, wander or whatever feeds your soul. Self-care is the only resolution.