Top up your creativity

Top up your creativity

Top up your creativity. Experiences and adventures, no matter how small, all help towards topping up your creativity fuel tank. Probably the best way to do this is by going for a walk. Heading out for a walk on a bright February day (after a Sunday lunch, in this case!) with your camera is hard to beat for a dose of natural stimulation. Furthermore, the benefits are a plenty.

Top up your creativity with a sunday lunch followed by a forest walk

Creativity with your camera

Creative top up during a walk is free. Simply get outdoors, and walk, and if you love photography then take a camera along. A camera is more likely to engage with your creativity than a smart phone because a phone can be a distraction. Besides, without cast iron willpower, there are plenty of smart phone notifications trying to get your attention. Using a camera is a more thoughtful experience, and, once your return home, you can download, enjoy and relive your walk as you look through the images.

Creative business

If you need creative input for your business you’ll no doubt appreciate how important it is to explore new experiences and engage in new adventures. Without inspiration, your business messages, branding and social media channels may look dull, lifeless and turn people away instead of attracting them to read more. Your business content is important, and here’s why.