What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by computers, as opposed to human or animal intelligence. It combines computer science and a collection of data to support problem-solving, and it continues to evolve by learning. There is an informative article about it here.

Should we be worried about AI?

Should we be worried? Yes and no. We should be aware of AI capabilities as it may have a use. As AI evolves we could see it applied in more day to day situations. Currently it is being used in many places including in our homes and on our smart devices: social media, digital assistants, email and web searches. Did you know your digital assistant was powered by AI – I didn’t. I enjoy the usefulness of the gadget but didn’t consider it was AI.

What is about Authenticity

If you work in a creative industry AI could be a valuable tool but it is not a replacement for human creativity.  As a writer and photographer, I work from real experience, and it’s these years of unique experience that sets me aside from an inexperienced colleague and artificial intelligence. Some of experiences can be recreated in a general sense however not all can.

Real Experiences

I create photographs from my authentic lived experienced situations. I engage with my senses to create a true description in my writing. For example, I can write about a day out walking in the hills: the breeze on my face, the sound and position of a golden eagle overhead and how surprised the deer looked, and what they did, when I accidentally disturbed them. Each footstep creates a unique moment and I am able to speak the truth about my authentic lived event. That feeling will carry through in energy to my photographs because creating images is about making a choice, feeling and sensing from my unique perspective. AI is artificial intelligence; synthetic, false, simulated, and it is not authentic. AI is not experienced and it is not a replacement for humans.

Authentic Photographic experience

Look at the image of red deer stag. AI could probably analyse the image to identify the species. However could AI tell you how I felt when I took the photographs, what the weather conditions were, how cold my fingers felt wrapped around my heavy Canon camera, where I was standing and what it took to get into that position, why I was there and more about the individual stag in the photograph, when did he get his ear torn, why he stands out in the herd? No, AI can’t but ‘I’ can.

Lots of fakery

Have you ever looked at an image and thought, that’s fake? Something doesn’t look right? Consider all the filters used on social media, typically used to improve appearances and create an illusion of perfection. Social media ‘stars’ have been ridiculed when their badly drawn photoshop fails are spotted. Fashion magazines has been heavily criticised over the years because of their manipulation of their subjects, usually women. We humans can instantly recognise this. There’s a sense of discomfort and although we may not realise exactly what it is, we will feel it.

Could modern society be danger of being swapped for virtual reality? As long as we humans engage think, feel, and use our senses including our common sense. I don’t think we are in any danger.