Daily choices around us

Daily choices around us

Daily choices around us. Choices are everywhere should you choose to see them. A morning walk revealed wildlife making choices, just look at the two animal tracks in the undergrowth. One is closer to the fence and the other branches off into the thicker undergrowth to an open area of land. The paths bring to mind the questions of who has been walking and why did they pick that particular route. Was their choice motivated by food? Or did they pick a route as part of an onwards journey?

Daily walk choices

I doubt animals are perturbed by countless daily choices. I think their lives are motivated by much simpler needs than us humans. On a morning walk it is a delight to see Roe deer, they are the likely candidates for making the paths. There is a small population of Roe, living on the land and can be seen most days. If you look closely at the photograph you will see one.


Often the deer leap off into the distance but sometimes they run then stand and watch. If they are aware of a routine, they appear to accept the disturbance and carry on eating. Although they are in the darker winter coats, their white coloured rumps give away their presence. In February, the land is still mostly the dark tones of the last years bracken and the deep purple shades from the bog myrtle. Dead grass is a mixture of earthy browns with green moss covering the boulders.


Schiehallion looked magnificent in the golden, orange light of dawn. It’s conical peak reaching up into the morning sky like an ancient monument on the horizon of Loch Rannoch. On the homeward stretch of the morning dog walk the cloud gathered around the peak, drawn in by its height. The clouds crowded the mountain, as though pulled in by a magical force, however, without mountains our weather would be quite different. The mountains actually cause the clouds to form.

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