Watching the rain

Watching the rain

Watching the rain clouds from dry spot higher up the hill. Seeing the clouds dropping their rain over the trees of the Black Wood. It’s an ever evolving scene as the clouds move on the wind. The west wind carried the clouds towards Kinloch Rannoch.

February rain

Mild and wet is an accurate description of the weather so far this month. Winter themes of frost and snow have alluded us so far this season. During January we had cool temperatures, winter sun and a light skiff of snow. The winter thus far has been mild, and kind to wildlife with no harsh conditions.

Old Masters watching the rain

Watching the rain as the gentle breeze moves the clouds along the south side of Loch Rannoch, is relaxing. The two movements of the rain dropping from the cloud and moving away is a scene often captured by landscape artists. John Constable (British, 1776–1837) painted with a considerable understanding of clouds. He captured their movement and structure, and the sense of the weather.  There is also William Beattie Brown (1831–1909), who captured the weather, light and feeling within the skies. An example of his work is Coire-na-Faireamh (rough translation is Corrie of the giants), can be seen here.

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