Sunset and stags in February

Sunset and stags in February

Sunset and stags in February on a Sunday evening was an uplifting ending to a peaceful weekend. What a sky! As the sun started to set the cloud formations changed (that’ll be in a separate posting) and Mother Nature ramped up the colour palette.

Sunset and stags in February with a red deer stag looking towards the setting sun

Sunset and stags

Two of my favourite things in the world are deer and sunrises. However, this sunset was up there alongside the inspirational sunrises. It was one of the monumental ones, and an epic natural wonder. Thankfully timing was on our side. We were later getting out to the stag feed but the magic of being later came into play and we were rewarded. If we had been earlier we would not have witnessed this spectacular display.

Find your location for sunset

There are certain locations and subjects that work exceptionally well with a colourful dawn and dusk. You need a point of interest. Sometimes, the higher ground offers you more potential for an interesting photograph. With nature’s shapes, patterns and different angles, they can all work in your favour. Additionally, there is more scope to include bigger views of the sky especially if it is as spectacular as tonight’s one.

As a photographer and writer, nature plays an important part in my work, and it is also a well-being aid. Time spent outdoors helps in so many ways, including giving you time to think. Sunset and stags in February is a real treat. A colourful sunset is great but when it is combined magically with clouds, the impact is incredible. They are hard to predict but it’s worth taking the time to be outdoors when the sun rises or sets.