Do you love windy weather?

Do you love windy weather?

Do you love windy weather? The windy weather shakes things up and brings about thoughts of change. In this sense, wind can be defined as the perceptible movement of natural air. Wind occurs when the sun heats one part of the atmosphere differently than another part. When this happens it causes expansion of warmer air. Therefore making less pressure where it is warm than where it is cooler. Air moves from high pressure to lower pressure. So, the movement of air is wind.

Windy weather blows away the cobwebs

Do you love the windy weather? The breeze of air moves things around. On a walk the air blows through your hair, and brushes gently on your skin. Stop for a moment and appreciate the air: how it feels, how different the landscape looks as the trees sway to and fro. And, what about the sound of the wind rushing through the trees. In a thick forest of pine, the wind roars as the trees sway. Even from a distance the sound of the wind in the trees can be heard like an incoming thunderstorm.

The weather with you

The right sort of clothing is important to be able to enjoy all types of weather. Through a harsh winter, enjoying the weather is more an endurance. It doesn’t have to cost anything to step outside. One certainty about the weather is the variety. It is rare for the weather to be identical two days in a row. The weather systems at this time of year guarantee variety. There is an old saying of experiencing four seasons in one day. Today is going to give us at least three!

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