A new dawn

A new dawn

A new dawn is such an uplifting sight. It is a great way to start your day. This morning was a perfect Monday morning. The weather was clear, the air was fresh and the cloud cover was light. As the sun started to rise over the hills beyond Loch Rannoch, the clouds colourfully transformed.


There is something about a new dawn that engages and pulls us back in time to our ancestors. Since the dawn of time we have watched the sunrise. For humans and animals alike it is signal of a new day. The daylight improves, and after a dip in temperature from the sun as it rises, some heat can be felt. For many it is a positive image, and symbolic of optimism and a fresh start. Now, more than ever, we all need some natural optimism and inspiration in our lives. There is far too much doom and gloom in the daily news.

A new dawn and a new day

Optimism should be available to all as a daily dose. A walk at dawn, especially on a dry day is a perfect way to enjoy a serving of one of Mother Nature’s treats. A colourful sunrise is an uplifting event, and one that makes positive progress. As the sun reaches up into the sky the light changes. The skies are filled with shades of pink, and orange. Warming hues stretch across the horizon.

Dawn advice

Look up your local weather app or visit a weather website to see what time the sun rises in your area. Set your alarm, get out and in a good position at least 20 minutes before the sun will rise above the horizon. If you are new to watching the sunrise it may take some practice finding a favourite position for viewing the daily spectacle. You’ll also need to become a weather weather. The best sunrises could be on cloudy days, because clouds add interest to a plain sky. We all have our favourites, find yours!