First day of February and Imbolc

First day of February and Imbolc

First day of February and Imbolc. It is a time for celebration! Even when many people bemoan January as a long month, there are celebrations being held. Perhaps once of the most famous, is the Up Helly As fire festival held in Shetland.

February and Imbolc

Celebrated from 1st through to sunset on February 2, the Pagan festival has been embraced since pre-Christian days. Imbolc is centred around Celtic traditions, and marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. If you would like to celebrate and enjoy Imbolc, here are a few suggestions.

Nature Awakens at Imbolc

The days are gradually getting longer. The morning lights appears sooner, and the daylight stretches later into the afternoon. The bird song is different and the wild bird activity has gone up a notch or two. Red Squirrels are frequent visitors to the feeders on the trees. Two have been observed chasing up and down the bark of one of the garden trees. Woodpeckers are arrived in twos and threes clinging to the peanut feeders and inspecting the trees for bugs.

First day of February and Imbolc a red squirrel feeding on a hazelnut.