Sunrise sunshine yes please!

Sunrise sunshine yes please!

Sunrise sunshine, yes please! There is no better way to start the day than with a walk. A walk while the sun is rising is the best Mother Nature can give us. A dawn walk inspires, lifts the spirits and motivates. Even in February, when this year’s weather has been so mild, you can feel the rise in temperature. The sun takes a little longer to appear as it has to climb over the hills but it is worth being outdoors for the event.

Sunshine Sunrise

Heading out, the sun was teasing its way up the horizon, with long rays stretched up and through the cloud. The sky was coloured and there was just enough cloud to make it an interesting vista. Like most outdoor lovers, the weather plays a major part in life and in conversation. I like to see the forecast for the week. Some days the weather is more suitable for walking than others. Given the choice, I’d rather do a dawn sunrise in sunshine. This way I’m not weighed down with waterproofs. On rainy mornings, standing back and admiring the view and taking in the light is not a priority when the rain is falling heavily. Waterproofs can hamper your hearing too.

Start your day

A morning walk is a positive way to start your day. Not only are you benefiting from the exercise, the mental health benefits are huge too. Take a camera with you, and photograph the things you enjoy seeing. If you take photographs using a camera you can enjoy them once you have downloaded them at home. Most people have smart phones and use them to take photos and make videos. However, the temptation is there (if you have signal!) to upload them onto social media and become distracted by scrolling, social media and so on. Why distract yourself when you could be benefiting from the beauty of mother nature.

Photography tips from Linda Mellor