Photoshoot conditions worked together

Photoshoot conditions worked together

Photoshoot conditions worked together to make it perfect. I was able to achieve exactly what I set out to do. When you work outdoors you have to work alongside Mother Nature, sometimes it is a challenge and sometimes a success.

Book cover photoshoot conditions worked together

My 2023 version of ‘For the Love of Country Sports’ book is finished and I needed to create a new book cover. I knew what I wanted, and it had to be something traditional and interesting. The weather forecast was studied and a day selected. Cloud cover was broken up, and the light quality was good as the day dawned for the photoshoot. Photoshoot conditions pulled together that day.

Location for photoshoot

It pays to know the ground, and to select a location that not only works but shouts out to the viewer. It’s all part of the importance of photoshoot conditions working together and not against you. The final image will be revealed very soon so stay tuned for that and details of the book launch in the summer.